How much will it cost?

Basic site design fees will be confirmed with a discussion of your particular requirements. The cost depends on the complexity and size of the site you need, the amount of graphics work and content or other planning help required.

Site maintenance and/or other Web-based services will be billed on a per/hour monthly basis, cumulative over a calendar month..

I want a Web site, but don’t have any idea of how to create one. What do you suggest?

We will provide a detailed web site planning worksheet that will walk you through the specifics. Then together we will choose everything from colors and graphics to site styles. Your suggestions and requests are paramount! This is your site, and we want it to meet your needs and preferences.

Or if you don’t want to become too involved with the details, we can design it from the ground up. With an extensive background in working on the Web we can help you create the best site for you. And if we can’t provide the Web service you need, we can provide leads and recommendations to help you find the one that will help you the most.

How can we design without an in-person meeting?

All work can be done very simply using email, telephone calls, faxes, and regular mail. If necessary, occasional travel to your location can be arranged.

You will find that working together to create the best site or service to meet your Web needs can be simple, whether you are Web savvy or not. Our diverse experience, excellent customer service, extensive resources, and multiple contacts will make your site a home on the Web for your business!