Creating a first Web site (or updating an old one) can seem a confusing, even overwhelming, proposition. Though you may hire someone to do the complete design of your site, a great deal of information will still need to be generated, and a number of important decisions will need to be made!

Most small and micro-business owners and charitable organizations have been so busy finding customers and members, they haven’t had the time to create a lot of hard copy data beyond a basic business card. Below are links to some good resources to help you get started or revamped!

If you have this information available when you contact us, your experience will be greatly streamlined. if you don’t, contact us to help you generate what you need!

A few basic resources include:

Domain Names – Least Expensive, Reliable:

Web Host – Good Basic, Versatile, Reasonably Priced:

E-Newsletters and Other Email Marketing Services:

  • – Lots of versitility for more than one mailing list or single use web forms.
  • – Do-it-yourself email marketing. Good templates, social media integration. Especially good for single use mailing lists. Less so when you want single use web form registrations.
  • – A free or fee service available.
  • – a bit more expensive but a great resource for beautiful templates and wizards for non-technical users.

Online Shopping Resources for Small Businesses:

  • PayPal – Least expensive for Small/Micro Business/Non-profits. Have both transaction based pricing and a higher end “shopping cart” solution.
  • Google Wallet – Alternative for basic individual product and service transactions. Pricing structure similar to Paypal.
  • – Though pricey for many micro-business owners – it’s still the most versative and easy to learn. Can use it for both a shopping cart and an email marketing service.
  • – payment gateway for credit card processing. Accepts payments via the web or via their online virtual terminal.

Each of these services is more complex than described above. Call us to discuss your needs and we’ll make a recommendation!

Membership Sites:

  • Wishlist Member – constantly improving premium WordPress plugin. Good customer support.
  • Extreme Member – Requires hosting for a monthly fee – but that includes WordPress and plugin updates. Great options, always reliable, though customer support can take a few days for those located in the United States since the owners are located in New Zealand.
  • DAP – Digital Access Pass – Premium WordPress plugin. Works on HTML sites as well. Good customer support.


  • Browser Usage Stats – The statistics for the 5 most commonly used browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera)
  • Web Marketing Today – Good tips for small business sites – excellent free newsletter.
  • – Advice you can trust for most computer-related and Web-related products and services.
  • – A great site with advice on products and services you can trust – especially helpful user reviews on every computer / Internet-related product under the sun.
  • United States Copywriting Office – Everything you ever wanted to know about copyrighting.
  • Internet Archive – Wayback Machine – Browse through 150 billion+ web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago. Now includes an archive of videos, live music, audio, and text.